Residential Long Term Care Design

Balancing Quality of Life and infection control

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Location: proximity, access, & integration with community.
Site design: interface with the community, site layout, parking, etc.
Key internal & external spaces: Communal areas, bedrooms, key outdoor spaces etc.
Building layout & circulation: overall building layout, entering & moving around inside the setting.
Elements and Systems
Internal environment

How does the built environment impact our residents?

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Fiona 76

Dermot 86

Siobhan 95

of Life

Ensuring that design for quality of life informs all decisions around COVID-19 infection control is central to this project.

Infection Control

The role of the built environment in relation to COVID-19 infection spread and control was identified within the Expert Panel of Nursing Homes’ report.

Universal Design

A Universal Design approach recognises that RLTC settings cater to a wide spectrum of people including residents, staff, visiting health and social care professionals, family members, friends, and various visitors.

Residential Long Term Care Design